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Evening and Overnight Options

Night Service includes:

  • Comfortable and age appropriate sleep space including twin and toddler size beds.

  • Individualized schedule for care that each parent designs

  • Flexible hours to accommodate on-call, over-time, and to provide care for parent rest before or after shifts

  • Breakfast option, snack, and dinner for children attending before 8 PM

  • Medicine administration

  • Highly qualified caregiver offering consistent, loving care to promote healthy sleep patterns

quiet time before bed with books.JPG
2nd Shift Routine: 



Homework help (school-age)

Snack/Dinner (Depending upon arrival time)


Bedtime Routines: Bath, Tooth brushing, Story, Songs

Tuck in

cozy reading.JPG
3rd Shift Routine


Tuck in

Wake UP


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